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The Campaigns behind the Fall Winter 2017 Collections

Our top 4 picks were priceless, outstanding, out of this world, artistic but most of all… glamorous! Let us explore the runway pieces that were inspired by these designers and their marvelous campaigns. 

Miu Miu 

Featuring the worlds famous muse – Kate Mose. A little bit of vintage, art and places that take you back in time. 

The campaign was a blend of bright colours, faux furs, a harmony between fashion and where it took place. 

Diane von Furstenberg 

A tribute to New York by her chief creative officer, Jonathan Saunders. Modernity, energy and glamour all combined in his own form of art to create splendid campaign made with enthusiasm and inspired by old true fashioned New York City.  

Alexander McQueen 


Sarah Burton has brought not only her own touch to McQueen but Lee’s spirit as well. Her latest collection for the house of McQueen was truly mesmerizing. 


Traditional what? Gucci does not only break the ice, it escapes reality and in this campaign it looks like we went to space, around some oddly fashionable galaxies and came back to earth! 

Nonetheless, the collections are quite mysterious themselves but we can’t help but love these exotic styles and the mixture of colour and textiles used in them. 


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