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How to pick a perfect outfit for an occasion? Piece of cake!

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Each and every single woman would like to look elegant yet alluring and of course, confidence is key!

People usually mistake cut out open pieces for a sexy look which is the case however; you need to show skin strategically. In order to look alluring, a woman must only reveal one part of her body and show it off.

Now March is a little confusing with what gown to wear and depending on whether the occasion is indoors or outdoors. A Wintery feel yet as we can see by the end of it the Spring heat comes through.

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Balenciaga Fall 2018

A floral outfit always comes in handy, especially this month! Get your florals out ready for a smokin’ hot evening out!

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Prada Fall 2018

Speaking of which; Prada has officially announced in its Fall 2018 collection that neon is back in trend! It has been a while since neon has been off the market and who other than the splendid Miuccia Prada brings it back!

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Prada Fall 2018

Let’s take a moment and concentrate on tulle for a minute… tulle skirts, tops, sheer I mean what is going on here? Who would have thought that ballerinas and punk rock princess’s influenced the fashion world yet in an extravagant elegant look!