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Ramadan Wardrobe

This Ramadan you can be and fab and glam with simple fabrics and pastel colours. Let us explore what your Ramadan wardrobe must contain in Dubai’s heat!

alberta ferretti dress

Alberta Ferretti

A night out? Simple. Alberta Ferretti is there to save the day with her timeless luxurious crepe gown.

bambah dress


Another fav is this brilliant kimono kaftan from Bambah, Isabella; shimmering hues of gold and silver.

Nonetheless, the house of Amal Al Mulla launches a Limited Edition Ramadan collection that is ranges from tangerine orange colour to striking blue (says amal Al Mulla) which is not only a Ramadan appropriate but a Summer perfection!

summer dresses

summer dresses

Stay tuned with SW ONE’s team of stylists and explore a new fashion era every season!




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