About Sawsan Waleed

Sawsan, is a strong female personality who has always had a determination to succeed in whatever challenge she is faced with. Her appetite for the world of fashion has been ingrained within her from a very young age where after growing up in Syria spent the majority of her years between the UAE and the UK where she graduated with a Masters in International Broadcasting Journalism from Sheffield Hallam University.

Throughout all her experience, Sawsan has constantly remained extremely connected to the fashion and beauty world, attending seasonal shows throughout all the fashion capitals to ensure she was always up to date and aware of the latest designers and trends.

In 2015, Sawsan was ready for her next challenge and perusing her lifelong dream that combines all her passions, the creation of SW ONE.  This was born out of a desire to inspire all women, especially her daughter, encouraging all women to embrace their passions with confidence and a will to succeed.

She is proud to open SW ONE, her first fashion house in 2016, by launching an impeccable curated beauty experience that provides women a luxurious and attainable way to look and feel their best.